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Waffles Cinnamon Bear (small)

Waffles Cinnamon Bear (small)

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When the average teddy bear simply won’t do, snuggle up with Waffles, our little Cinnamon Bear stuffed animal for a unique and whimsical friend! With soft plush fur the color of golden honey, this little cub will delight and enchant. His bright eyed expression and fuzzy, fabric nose add further warmth to his easy going appearance. Specially designed with a slouched, understuffed body, it’s easy to arrange Waffles into a lifelike pose or fit him snugly into your arms. Brighten the day of someone special, Waffles the Cinnamon Bear is a unique plush teddy bear with a cuddly nature that will make him a favorite!

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


9" Sitting, 12” Overall


(23 cm, 30 cm)