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Lizzie Llama Fur Fuzzle

Lizzie Llama Fur Fuzzle

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If you’re searching for a unique Llama, look no further! Lizzie the plush Fur Fuzzle Llama is ultra lovable with her long plush coat and floppy pose. Designer faux fur materials will wow and impress with their captivating appearance and playful textures. Tipped with stripes of brown and cream, Lizzie’s shaggy fur features creamy orange colored roots. Furry, pale colored stockings accent her legs, while her cloven hooves and the insides of her ears are finished with dazzling shimmer material. This cuddly creature’s easygoing personality can be spotted in her languid expression. Long eyelashes droop over large, dark eyes and stitched facial details complete her look. Surprise a Llama lover with Lizzie the Fur Fuzzle stuffed animal today!

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Dimensions 18 in

24 Months & Up


(46 cm)




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