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Co Co Floppy Bunny

Co Co Floppy Bunny

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Let Co Co the plush lop-eared Bunny hop into your heart! With a floppy design and top quality materials, she won’t disappoint! Co Co’s reclining pose positively begs to be picked up and loved. She will fit snugly in your arms or lie cozily across your lap. Her creamy colored fur features cocoa colored tips and is so soft and huggable, she’s hard to put her down! And if that’s not enough to convince you, take one look into Co Co’s large, lifelike eyes. Their rich, warm expression will capture your attention and engage on an emotional level. A pastel pink nose, drooping lop ears, and a white, fluffy tail complete Co Co’s classic look. Share this luxurious plush Bunny with a loved one or keep Co Co for yourself, she’s a plush friend who’ll delight animal lovers of any age!

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24 Months & Up


17.5" Long


(45 cm)