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Bocci White Bunny

Bocci White Bunny

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As white as the brightest Easter lily, Bocci is a lovely little plush Bunny who’s guaranteed to bring cheer to a room! Better yet, Bocci is not only beautiful, she’s super cuddly too, thanks to specially selected materials chosen for their decadently soft feel. So come and give her an affectionate squeeze, Bocci’s favorite place to be is snuggled up in your hands! Large, amber colored eyes and sweet lop ears make it extra difficult to turn away this endearing rabbit stuffed animal. Touches of pink on Bocci’s nose and inside her ears complete her gentle, springtime appearance. Make her a part of your festivities this season and everyone will want a turn cuddling up with Bocci the white Bunny plush!

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24 Months & Up


8" Sitting


(20 cm)